Echidna Christmas Costume Party

We all love a good costume party and for the staff here at Echidna Sewing it was a chance to unleash some of our creative goodness. The theme of the night was Retro 50’s so the ideas for costumes ran wild. Different plans for sewing, embroidering and crafting all came to mind, especially with the incredible Brother machines sitting right at our doorstep. In the end there was a good mixture of outfits, which were all well thought about and planned to perfection.

Gary and Cindy, the owners of Echinda Sewing, converted their backyard into a 50’s diner with a bar, popcorn machine, jukebox and disco lights. As soon as we walked through the door we were transported back to the 50’s in epic style.

So without further ado, I bring you the photos of the night, including what we wore and how we created it (if it was handmade).


Left – Michelle wearing her Christmas cats 50’s dress made using her NV950 Sewing and Embroidery machine with pattern New Look 6824.

Right – Erin, wearing a 50’s pop art themed dress and makeup. The pattern was a mixture of a Lekala Dress and Wrap Skirt (top) and Butterick 5949 (skirt). You can read more about it on her Sixteen Stitches blog. Erin works on a Brother Innovis NV1100 sewing machine.


Left to Right – Martyn, Brett and Phillip all wearing 50’s bowling shirts. These were made by Martyn on his Brother Innovis VQ3000 using Kwik Sew pattern 3484.


The Pink Ladies and T-Birds costumes worn by Gary, Cindy and Erik from Echidna Sewing, Jennene from Brother Australia and other guests.


These costumes we decorated using the ScanNCut CM900 machine and Flex Fabric Transfer to create the “T Birds” and “Pink Ladies” on both the front and the back.



Left– Carolyn from Brother Australia wearing a Grease inspired pink ladies costume.

Middle – Leanne from Echidna made her 50’s style dress with her Brother Innovis VQ3000 machine using pattern Vogue 8998. She also decorated the sleeve edge and skirt bottom with the embroidery design Lace from the Vault (Aisle029) by John Deer Design using her PR1000e Multi-needle machine.

Right – Gail from Echidna made her 50’s style blue top with her Dream Machine XV8500D using pattern Butterick 5615.

More Photos!

Here a few more photos of the rest of the night and other costumes worn by Echidna staff and guests.


Left to Right – Kristie wearing a 50’s rockabilly dress and Brittany as Sandy from Greece


Left to Right – Hayley wearing 50’s Retro and Erik in his T-Birds outfit.



Your chance to win!

We hope you enjoyed our Echidna 50’s Xmas party post. If you’ve created anything special for a dress up party by either sewing, embroidering or crafting we would love to hear from you! Email with a photo of your costume and how you made it for your chance to win a 2017 Quilters Companion Diary!

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