Embroidery Machine Problems and Solutions

Embroidery-Machine-Problems.pngHere are some common problems you may have while using your embroidery machine. This handy guide provides suggestions that may be of some assistance.

  • Have your machine checked and serviced by a qualified mechanic at least once a year
  • Keep the machine clean, change the needle often and use good quality thread
  • Use a dust cover to protect the machine when not in use

Common Problems…

Machine making noises

Problem cause:

  • Machine needs cleaning or oiling
  • Blunt or damanged needle
  • Machine needs servicing

What to do:

  • Clean feed teeth and shuttle areas
  • Insert new needle
  • Check manual for oiling (some machines must be oiled by a qualified service person)
  • Have machine serviced

Problems with metallic threads, thread kinks and twists back on itself

Problem cause:

  • Tension too tight through needle
  • Needle too small
  • Thread feeding incorrectly
  • No spool cap

What to do:

  • Adjust the needle tension
  • Use Metalfil needle with large eye
  • Use a metal thread guide
  • Use a thread net over the spool
  • Turn spool over and/or place spool on a different spool pin

Stitching doesn’t go around the border of the design correctly

Problem cause:

  • Fabric too loose in hoop
  • Hoop too loose in frame
  • Damaged of bent needle

What to do:

  • Tighten fabric in hoop
  • Tighten hoop in frame
  • Insert a new needle

Needle breaks

Problem cause:

  • Needle loose, bent or too small for fabric type
  • Stitch position and presser foot not matched

What to do:

  • Insert new needle and use correct size for fabric
  • Use correct presser foot for stitch type and adjust the needle position accordingly

Upper thread splits and breaks constantly

Problem Cause:

  • Machine not threaded properly
  • Upper tension too tight or thread caught
  • Needle not inserted correctly, damanged or too small for fabric type
  • Burr on hook

What to do:

  • Thread the machine again and/or adjust the tension
  • Check the hook for damage
  • Insert a new needle

Top thread is looped-up at the back of fabric

Problem cause:

  • Tension not correct
  • Machine not threaded correctly
  • Thread not through tension disk
  • Bobbin not inserted correctly

What to do:

  • Adjust the tension
  • Thread the machine again
  • Take out a replace the bobbin

Thread slips out of the needle before beginning to sew

Problem cause:

  • Take-up lever pulls the thread out as it lifts
  • Trimming thread too close to the needle

What to do:

  • Pull thread down and hold as the Take-up lever lifts for the first stitch.

Machine skipping stitches

Problem cause:

  • Damaged, blunt or bent needle
  • Incorrect needle for fabric type
  • Needle not inserted properly

What to do:

  • Insert a new needle
  • Use the right needle for the fabric type

Bobbin thread breaks constantly

Problem cause:

  • Bobbin incorrectly wound or damaged
  • Bobbin case damaged or not threaded

What to do:

  • Rewind and insert a new bobbin
  • Replace bobbin case if damaged

If you have problems with your embroidery machine and none of these solutions help please give us a call on 1800 000 360.

2 thoughts on “Embroidery Machine Problems and Solutions

  1. Ann Hodgson says:

    Thank you that was very helpful ie machine embroidery problems.

    Do you have anything on the correct stabilisers to use with various embroidieries and the hooping of such. I find all the the different stabilisers confusing


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