Can you make money from embroidery?

Persona PRS100by Gary Walker

The simple answer is yes! But it doesn’t mean you need to set up a business or even keep any records. Just earning a little extra pocket money to help pay for your embroidery addiction is reward in itself. It can be the difference between keeping your old machine or upgrading to the latest technology. They say money can’t buy happiness but it sure can get you more toys for your sewing room.

Charging for embroidery can also be a bit confronting for most people. What to charge? Did I do a good enough job? Should I really charge my family or friends? If you aren’t aiming for a profit then at the very least consider charging something to help cover your supplies or even the cost of your next machine service. Remember that if you are happy with the result then chances are the recipient will be over the moon.

When it comes to who to charge, our experience tells us that most people would prefer to pay something for your work and often feel very uncomfortable when it’s done for free. It is human nature to want to give something in exchange for your time and effort so take the opportunity.

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