Baby or Toddler Sewing & Embroidery Ideas

One of the best reasons to get into sewing and embroidery is for the many incredible things you can create for children, toddlers or babies. If it’s for yourself, or for your friends, it’s a great way to save money and create something unique and incredibly gorgeous.

The following items can all be made on the Brother Innovis NV950 Sewing & Embroidery machine or similar combination machines.

Embroider Buddy – Whimsy Unicorn (Pink)

There is a large range of Embroider Buddies available, however for this gift idea I have chosen the Whimsy Unicorn in Pink. I downloaded the Too Cute Unicorn embroidery design from Urban Threads and imported the design into Embrilliance. I then added  my friend’s baby girls name, who is turning one over the weekend. The font below is called Jelly B 17mm, which is a BX Font by Lindee Goodall. However, there are plenty of fonts you can use or choose from.


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Echidna Hooping Station

Hoop an Embroider Buddy with Ease using the Small Echidna Hooping Station

How many times have you tried to hoop a small item where the extra parts of fabric get caught up in the hoop, then the entire process ends up in frustration? That’s why every embroiderer needs to add one of these fantastic Hooping Stations to their set of tools!

Here are our step-by-step instructions on how easy it is to hoop an Embroider Buddy plush toy.


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Embroider Buddy – Let’s Talk Toy Safety

Our new range of Embroider Buddies have been a huge hit with hobbyists and small business owners alike. They are cute, easy to embroider, and kids love them.


We’ve had customers ask a couple of great questions:

  • Are the EBs safe for babies and small children?
  • And are business owners liable for the safety of products they sell?

The short answer to both questions is “yes”. The long answer gives us a chance to cover the important topic of toy safety. Stuffed toys might seem harmless, but can be deadly.

Toy Safety

In the United States (where much better statistics are kept than in Australia), over 190,000 children are injured by toys every year and sadly some cases end in fatalities (CPSC, 2013). To protect children worldwide, a number of design and manufacturing standards have been created. The most important standard for stuffed toys has the catchy name of ISO8124.

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