Echidna Sewing at Supernova!

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo is dedicated to science-fiction, comic books, animation, gaming, fantasy and a world of imagination for fans young and old. You’ll also find amateur and professional costume designers creating the biggest, boldest outfits to compete in the Madmen National Cosplay Championships.

Countless hours are spent on each costume, which can comprise sewing, embroidery, 3D-printing, crafting, foam cutting and more. The results are impressive proof that given an idea, and powered with the right tools, the opportunities are endless.


Most people think of sewing as creating a pillow or quilt, and embroidery as a corporate logo stitched onto a business shirt. At Supernova those assumptions are completely transformed into something beyond imagination. Consider that most cosplay enthusiasts probably grew up in an era where sewing machines rarely existed as a household item and fast fashion was the only way to fill a wardrobe. Yet they still picked up a pattern from their local sewing store, purchased a low cost sewing machine and learnt the basics of sewing – most likely from online blogs, videos or tutorials. With practice and lots of late nights soon enough they were empowered with the skill of sewing and/or embroidery. Now they can create their own unique costumes full of life and character rivalling those you would find on a Hollywood movie set. Along with their friends or family these cosplay enthusiasts attend the Supernova event to perform and show off their creations in a setting they thrive in.


At the 2016 Brisbane Supanova, Cody McDermott and Morethia Cosplay took home the Brother & Echidna Sewing ‘Best in Show’ prize for their incredible recreation of the two Vikings characters Lagertha and Ragnar. Their costumes were intricate, well-planned and incredibly well constructed with fine detail all the way down to the hand-stitched vests. These two cosplayers take these events very seriously, dedicating all their free time and money towards recreating their favourite characters. They didn’t choose to get into sewing, craftwork or embroidery to create a basic skirt or t-shirt, they were only considering how they could best create a character regardless of how difficult it seemed.


It was also interesting talking to the other entrants of the Cosplay Championships who were all so absorbed in the world of cosplay, they hadn’t even stopped to consider the valuable skills that they had picked up along the way. The process of creating their costumes enabled them to test different sewing or craft patterns, projects and techniques. Even if they didn’t take home a prize they still learnt how to design and construct, how to sew and recreate. Constantly moulding, improving and changing. So when the day comes when they hang up their Captain America boots and focus on other life matters it won’t mean that they have to pack away their sewing or embroidery machine. In the end their passion for cosplay has inevitably provided them with a lifetime hobby that they can transition each time their life interests change.

Sewing and embroidery projects exist everywhere – making quality clothing and garments, redecorating your home or simply creating a project for a friend or family member. You can find a need for sewing and embroidery at every stage of your life, in every household, creating the most basic item to the more intricate projects that you will always be proud of.

So if you’ve been sitting on the fence thinking how great it would be to learn how to sew or embroider there’s no time like the present to get your hands dirty and delve into a world of endless opportunities. Just remember, everyone has to start somewhere – and we guarantee you’ll become addicted! Like others, you’ll be wondering what you can create next and if you’re anything like these cosplayers you’ll be wanting to impress at the next big event. It’s exciting, empowering and most of all an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby that will see you through your entire life.

Get Started in Crafting, Sewing and Embroidery!

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