Pinterest Inspiration

downloadIf you’re looking for some inspiration and want to compile an online gallery of all your favourite quilts, sewing patterns, products, pictures and everything else creative you can imagine then Pinterest is the site for you!

If you haven’t joined Pinterest we highly recommend creating your own page with a collection of your favourite boards. However, be warned… it’s very addictive!

To join Pinterest simply go to the site, create your login and password and away you go. If you aren’t sure where to start you can choose topics such as ‘Craft and DIY’ from the drop down menu and start pinning from there. You can create as many boards as you like including craft, food, fitness, clothing and more. For an idea on how to set up your Pinterest view our Echidna Sewing Pinterest board which has a large range of everything craft, sewing and DIY!

If you’re still unsure here is an online tutorial with instructions on how to use Pinterest.

Pinterest Favourites

Here are a selection of our favourite pins from the Echidna Pinterest Board this week.

Quilt Ideas Board

Image Credit (Quilting more than housework Blog)

ScanNCut Project Ideas Board

Image Credit (Brother Beverage Tumbler)

Bags, Totes and Wallets Sewing Patterns Board

Image Credit (Craftsy – Heart Backpack)

Lace Inspiration Board

Image Credit (The Glamorous Housewife)

Applique Ideas Board

Image Credit (Isabel Granados Blog)

Cosplay and Costume Board

Image Credit (Peneloping – Elsa Dress)

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