November charity sewalong

Ozcare (AU)

Ozcare clients and walkers

Ozcare clients Elizabeth and Lily with their walkers

Ozcare is a leading not-for-profit organisation of professional and caring people who have been delivering innovative and superior health and human services to the Queensland community for more than 20 years.

They offer a range of services to help people of all ages and backgrounds including aged care facilities, home nursing, respite care, retirement villages, homeless hostel services for men and women and much more!

This month we’re asking everyone to create some beautiful, vibrant men’s and women’s walker caddies so clients can gather their favourite items and attach them to their walkers or wheelchairs.

Age Concern (NZ)

This month you can also support a New Zealand based charity. Age Concern supports older kiwis and helps them have a healthy lifestyle full of opportunities and protection from harm.


To add your own touch, you can choose to decorate the caddy in extra ribbon ties and stippling of your choice (we’ve used the Dream Machine automatic quilting function on ours). You can also fasten the caddy pockets with easy-open plastic snaps or velcro spots instead of buttons.



We’ll be giving away a number of Universal Magazine prizes, which will be drawn in December 2017. To enter, simply take a photo of your finished project and post it to our Echidna Sewing facebook community!

We’ll also be giving away a number of prizes at random throughout the year, and your Sewalong project is eligible for one of these prizes no matter which month it’s sent in.

How long do I have to create the project?

Since we are featuring a new charity each month, the November sewalong will run from 1–30 November, 2017.

Things to remember

Sewalongs are a great way to get inspired by what everyone creates, while giving to a worthy cause. If you’re new to sewing or embroidering this is a great chance to get involved and have fun no matter what the outcome. Any excuse to put your sewing and embroidery machines to good use is a great one.


Be sure to include your name, postal address and contact details with your donation.


To send in your donation to Ozcare:

  • Drop it off at any of our Echidna locations
  • Mail it to
    Annamarie Garrood
    Ozcare, Ozanam Villa
    153 King Street
    Clontarf Qld 4019

Age Concern

To send in your donation to Age Concern:


If you have your own sewing/embroidery blog you can save the following badges and post it on your blog entry, linking back to this page.



October Charity Sewalong

Melbourne Basket Brigade (AU)

Melbourne-Basket-Brigaude.jpgThe Melbourne Basket Brigade is a small but dedicated force of local volunteers who want to make a difference to those in need. Last year they packed and delivered over 235 baskets, which fed approximately 2,500 people across Victoria.

They are asking for our help to create strong, sturdy, Christmas themed bags. These bags will hold toys, groceries and other personal items for those in need, making their Christmas one to remember.

Thanks to Lindee Goodall, you can also decorate these bags with a Christmas Tree embroidery design from her Tis the Season embroidery design pack.

Foster Hope (NZ)

This month you can also support a New Zealand based charity. Foster Hope bring hope to the more than 5,000 children in foster care through their foster packs and other activities. The packs are filled with comforting and practical items and given to foster children to let them know someone cares and to symbolise community support.


  1. Download the free Craftsy Drawstring Bag Pattern
    • Cut out your bag to be 80cm (h) x 50cm (w). Please use thick fabric for the bag such as canvas, linen, cloth or denim. If using lighter fabric, please line the inside.
    • There is also the option to decorate your bag in Christmas themed fabric or with a Christmas themed embroidery design.


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September Charity Sewalong

Sunshine Coast University Hospital Queensland

Sunshine-Coast-HospitalThis month’s Sewalong is for Sunshine Coast University Hospital Queensland, who offer a range of free public healthcare services, supported by highly trained and specialised staff.

They are seeking our help to create a hospital gown kit for children and teenagers who have to go into theatre for a range of different medical procedures and scans. At present these children are wearing adult gowns that are far too large for them. With hospital visits already being a very daunting and scary process, the hospital thought it would be beneficial for the kids to have colourful, personalised gowns to wear at these appointments, which they can then take home for future appointments and scans.

Plus, thanks to Lindee Goodall, you can embroider a very special seahorse embroidery design onto your drawstring bag or gown.


Children’s Hospital Kit

Create this hospital gown kit for children and teens to take to their appointments and scans. It includes a hospital gown, drawstring bag and smaller pouch or bag to put personal items.

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August Charity Sewalong

Brother’s Campaign to Support the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Apron.pngThis month’s Sewalong is for Brother Australia and their campaign to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They are asking everyone to sew a pink apron, which will be donated to individuals registering for the Pink Ribbon Breakfast events. This will also raise awareness for the campaign, inspiring more people to get involved!

Thanks to Lindee Goodall, you can also embroider one of her beautiful cupcake embroidery designs onto the apron for a bit of extra detail and creative flair!

Plus, by donating your pink apron to the campaign (see competition details below) you will go into the draw to win a Brother Professional Color Laser Multi-Function Centre Printer, valued at $1799!

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Embroidering on Problematic Fabrics

by Leanne Church


Project Description

This project involves creating the Echidna Sewalong Dog Jacket and then applying the Lindee Goodall and Animal Welfare League embroidery designs onto it. As the material used was fur and heavily patterned, I have created an instructional tutorial to show you how to create a background for your embroidery design to make things a little easier.

The project itself was very easy and recommended for beginner sewers. The embroidery designs by Lindee Goodall were also easy to follow with clear, step-by-step instructions.

How I Created This Project

I have used fur for the fabric and a stretch lining, which can be a very problematic combination. Therefore, I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks that I discovered along the way to deal with this type of fabric and pattern choice.

To start with, I marked out the pattern on the fur fabric on the right side with a sharpie pen. I wouldn’t normally do this on a garment but for this occasion it was much easier to see and since it was a pet project, I figured I could get away with it.

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July Charity Sewalong

Animal Welfare League Australia

Dog-PhotoAnimal Welfare League are a national non-profit organisation caring for companion animals across Australia. They formed in 2007, when the Animal Welfare Leagues of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland united to become Animal Welfare League Australia. Dogs Homes of Tasmania joined AWLA in 2010 and SAFE Inc joined in 2014. Together they have more than 300 years of combined experience in caring for animals in need.

AWL work with local councils, state government, rescue groups and the community to
improve the outcomes of stray and surrendered pets, and they are nationally recognised for their unique and innovative programs, initiatives and re-homing strategies.

This Sewalong involves creating a number of coats for the animals housed in these shelters nationwide. They are desperate for large sized coats to keep dogs warm this winter, and thanks to Lindee Goodall who has once again sponsored our Sewalong, you can download a free “Adopt Me” embroidery design to decorate your dog coat.

Sewalong Brief

  1. March Sewalong will run from 1st July – 31st July, 2017
  2. Sewing – Sew a pet coat using your own pattern or use the free pattern below.
    Embroidery – Embroider a ready-made pet coat or one you have created with the “Adopt Me” embroidery design and the Animal Welfare League (individual state) logo.

Sew Your Own Pet Coat!


This is a great beginner project if you’re interested in learning how to sew. Use one of your own dog coat patterns or you can download the free dog coat pattern, created by Martyn Smith.

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Why join a sewalong?

As part of a new initiative this year, Echidna Sewing has created a monthly Sewalong to inspire and encourage customers to get creative and make use of their amazing sewing and embroidery skills.

Joining a sewalong enables you to do the following:

  • Use your sewing and/or embroidery machine more than you might otherwise
  • Follow a project brief and create something unique
  • Use up any unwanted scrap material
  • Gain inspiration from others – discover new sewing patterns, embroidery designs, colours styles, fabrics uses and much more!
  • Learn new skills and techniques that you normally wouldn’t challenge yourself with
  • Show off your finished project, gaining encouragement from others, and giving others the same.


What is the purpose of doing these monthly Sewalongs for various charities?

Each month we contact a different charity and find out if there are any products they desperately need for it’s members, or that they can use at an event or a fundraising auction. Therefore, each Sewalong is tailor-made to ensure that anything being donated will go directly to someone in need or help towards funding their cause.


“I want to donate to a specific charity but I’ve missed that Sewalong month or won’t have it made in time!”

There may be some charities that have touched you personally, and regardless of what month it was featured, you want to get involved. All of our Sewalongs have been tailor-made for each charity and that means that there is no deadline for your donations. Each Sewalong project includes the delivery address for where you need to send your items, so you are able to do this at any time of the year. Otherwise, you can drop off your items to any of our four Echidna store locations and we will send it in for you.

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