Charity Sewalong – October 2019

Bosom Buddies


Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women by the age of 85 and is the most common cancer in Australian women. Bosom Buddies ACT Inc is a charitable organisation of volunteers who provide care and support to breast cancer patients and their families in the ACT and the surrounding region.

All volunteers of Bosom Buddies have experienced breast cancer personally or through loved ones and are committed to providing support to people in the community. This month, we’re supporting Bosom Buddies by creating drainage bags for breast cancer patients. 


Quite often when a woman has breast cancer surgery, she will leave with tubes protruding that drain her incision. These tubes end in a small plastic bag that holds the liquid drained. Women can leave with one to three tubes and in some cases, they’ll need them for as long as two or three weeks. 

The drainage bags that we will be creating are to hold the plastic bags containing the drains and allow the patient to go out in public. These bags can then later be used as a shopping bag or a tote bag. Each breast cancer surgery patient will receive a drainage bag from a breast care nurse.

Sewalongs are a great way to get inspired by what everyone creates, while giving to a worthy cause. If you’re new to sewing or embroidering this is a great chance to get involved and have fun no matter what the outcome. Any excuse to put your sewing and embroidery machines to good use is a great one.



The charity has been wonderful in providing instructions for you to follow to create these bags. Download the PDF to get started →

Add a touch of embroidery with a badge

You can add an extra special touch to your bag by adding an embroidered badge. All you need to do is download our ‘Love heart’ design, then just follow our instructions on How to make an embroidered badge’



Applique badge

We have also included an applique version of this design to create an appliqued badge.

 Download it now →

Alternative to felt, you can use Bag Batting to create your embroidered badge. Bag batting is perfect for badges with its stiff and sturdy material. It holds stitches very well and creates a nice finish, ready to be added to your project.  



This sewalong will run from 1st – 31st October 2019. However, you can continue to donate to Bosom Buddies all year round.  


The bags can be dropped in or posted to any of the Echidna stores during the month of  the sewalong. Please send any donations made after the sewalong month directly to the charity:

Bosom Buddies ACT Inc
Pearce Community Centre
Collett Place
Pearce, ACT 2607

Be sure to include your name, postal address and contact details with your donation.

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