Customise your Travel Pillow!

embroiderable-travel-pillow.jpgThese Echidna Travel Pillows come with an embroiderable carry bag and is complete with two microfibre pillow slips which can be easily personalised. Or if you’re interested in creating your own pillowcase you can follow the tutorial below.

These are now available online for only $39.95.

Create an envelope pillowcase


This tutorial will show you how to create a simple envelope pillow, which is perfect for this travel pillow. Download the “Not all who wander are lost” embroidery design to decorate it with.


What you will need:

Embroidery (Optional)

Fabric you will need:

Front: 1 x 32cm x 48cm

Back Left: 1 x 32cm x 25cm

Back Right: 1 x 32cm x 27cm

How to make

Cut out the fabric for your project, as mentioned above including one front piece and two back pieces.


Embroider your selected embroidery design onto the front. We have used the NV180 Sewing and Embroidery machine to add our “Not all who wander are lost” embroidery design onto the front. Use some Echidna Tearaway Stabiliser underneath your design.


Cut away the loose threads so that your design is neat.


We now have to fold in the inside seams of the back 1 and 2 pieces so that they have a nice finish.


Fold the first edge up .5cm and then over again 0.5cm, shown below.

Make sure that it’s a nice even fold and then pin this down, shown below.


Repeat for the second side so that both internal back edges are pinned down ready to sew.


Now straight stitch close to the edge.


Once you have sewn both edges place the first back down with the right side facing onto your pillow front, shown below. Your finished edge will sit inside the pillow.


Now place the second front down, with the finished edge inside the pillow. Make sure that the right sides of your fabric are facing.


Now pin along the edges making sure that all of the corners match up nicely. You can now overlock or stitch 1/4″ around all four edges.


If you’ve stitched the pillowcase first you can cut all four corners of your pillow to ensure it fold out nice and evenly. Make sure not to cut into your stitched line.


Fold the pillow inside out and iron down to ensure the edges sit flat.


Now stuff your pillow inside the folds of your pillow case and fit it by pulling the pillows into the cornered edges. You can now completed your easy, beginner sewing envelope travel pillowcase!


Perfect for those wanting to escape for their next holiday adventure!

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