3 thoughts on “Charity Sewalong: December 2018

  1. Kath Richards says:

    Hello Echidna, I have some quilts I made for one reason or another I can sort out and send for the sewalong if you would like them. I think they are round 1MT square, I can let you know when I get them out and measure them. Regards Kath Richards.


    • Nicole - Echidna says:

      Hi Kath,

      Thank you for the offer – your very kind!

      As long as the quilts meet the following criteria we would be happy to accept these.

      • Quilt size must be between 100cm and 110cm square
      • Be made from new materials
      • Clean and free from chemicals, smoke and pet hair
      • Cannot have any potential choking hazards like buttons, beads, gems or rhinestones.



  2. broadie09 says:

    I have 4 quilts almost finished will definitely be in the mail by Monday. 1 of the quilts is 117cm square will it be ok to send or I could give it to the children’s hospital with the quilts that I do for them. Colleen


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