Create your own Pencil Case

pencil-case.jpgPencil cases are one of the best beginner projects because they’re fast, fun and can be easily customised. This tutorial shows you ideas on fabric types, embroidery designs, quilting styles and how to apply your own ScanNCut design.

What you need

Fabric Required

Recommended fabrics such as cotton, linen, denim, canvas or drill.

  • Front & Back: Cut two 24cm x 14cm in both fabric and lining
  • Zipper Tabs: Cut two 4cm x 4cm in fabric

Pencil Case Tutorial

Fabric Pencil Case

Create a simple pencil case with fun, bright fabric.


Embroidered Pencil Case

Embroider onto the front and/or back of your pencil case. This design was taken from Urban Threads but you can find plenty of embroidery designs online or at Echidna Sewing.



We’ve used the NV180 sewing and embroidery machine to embroider this design, which was the perfect size for the 4″ x 4″ hoop.

Quilted Pencil Case

Cut up your front and back pattern into pieces to quilt your pencil case into different shapes. This is a great way to learn how to apply these quilting techniques to create something a bit more unique.



ScanNCut Pencil Case

When creating designs for my ScanNCut, I use for all my font types and then create my text design using Corel Draw. One you have your design, make sure to convert your text to curves and then export it as an .svg file.


Open up your CanvasWorkspace by Brother and import your .svg design. If you’re using Flex iron-on transfer you want to make sure you reverse your design with the layout tools.






What kind of pencil case will you make?


See our Projects page for more inspiration on sewing, embroidery or ScanNCut ideas. Otherwise, if you’ve created something you’d like to share with us, please post it on our Echidna Sewing and Embroidery Facebook community page.

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