Create a Men’s BBQ Apron

Create a fully lined men’s BBQ apron including pockets for his favourite utensils. Plus, if you’re feeling extra crafty why not embroider his initials, favourite saying or sports team logo onto it! It’s the perfect accessory for him to wear this summer!

Materials Required

  • Tracing material to construct pattern
  • 1 meter of denim fabric
  • 1 meter of lining fabric
  • 40cm x 25cm iron-on interfacing
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

How to create your apron

Create the apron front

Instead of printing out a paper pattern we are going to show you an easy way to construct your apron from some tracing material.

First cut out a square with your tracing material:

  • 80cm x 80cm square (large)
  • 75cm x 75cm square (medium)
  • 70cm x 70cm square (small)


Fold this in half. From the top left corner, measure out 17cm and mark a line here.


From the top right corner measure down 30cm and mark a line here.


With a long ruler or quilting ruler, draw a line from both of these marked points.


Keep your tracing material together (you can pin together if need be) and cut along this line.


Unfold your tracing material and this will give you the shape of your apron!


  • Cut out 1 x denim fabric
  • Cut out 1 x lining fabric

Tip: If you find it easier to cut a nice even finish, you could fold your fabric in half, as shown below and cut your material on the fold instead.


Cut out the straps and pocket

  • Top strap: Cut 1 x denim at 3″ x 23.5″ (7.5cm x 60cm)
  • Back straps: Cut 2 x denim at 2″ x 32″ (5cm x 81cm)
  • Pocket: Cut 1 x denim, 1 x lining and 1 x iron-on interfacing at 40cm x 25cm

Sewing Instructions

Download the instructions (pdf) on how to sew your apron. Make sure to iron as you go to ensure your apron sits flat and has nice, finished edges.


ScanNCut Design

Download the Hot Stuff Coming Through ScanNCut file (svg). This design is approximately 21cm x 21cm.

Load this design onto a USB for use in your ScanNCut machine. The design is already reversed so you can just cut out your Flex Vinyl media. Make sure to place the shinny side down when placing onto your ScanNCut mat.

Once cut, peel off the unused portion of the design. Then simply flip this over, place a Teflon Applique Mat down and iron/press onto your apron.


Finished Photos

Check out the finished photos of our ‘Hot Stuff Coming Through’ men’s apron!

Check out our other sewing projects for more inspiration!

If you’ve create something you would like to share with us, please post a photo on our Echidna Sewing and Embroidery Facebook community.

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