March charity sewalong



The Tea-Cup Cottage offers disability support services that help people to live the life they want and to achieve their goals and aspirations. The cottage was established in 2010 by Director Alexandra Shaw, who sought more choice and control over the disability support and services available to her own family. Tea-Cup Cottage now has 4 respite houses and their caring philosophy focuses on the present and future needs of each individual, whether receiving respite care, in-home care, high-care or day services.

This month you can help Alex and her team brighten their clients’ days with these adult-sized bibs. Cute and comfy, with a towelled backing, ‘pelican-bib’ pocket and embroidered logo, these bibs are a real treat for clients and their carers.

Watch Alexandra’s story


Download the Adult Bib pattern from The pattern is free—to download it login with your Craftsy account, add the free pattern to your cart, and proceed to the checkout at no charge. If you haven’t used Craftsy patterns before it’s easy and free to create a new account.

To make the pocket:

Use the printed pattern from pages 21, 24 and 27 to make the pocket. Do not cut the excess off from the top of the pattern as you can use this for your seam allowance.

  • Embroider the logo onto the pocket (optional, see instructions below)
  • Sew a turn-and-turn edge on the top of the pocket.
  • Pin the pocket to the bottom of the bib and baste stitch. This will keep the 2 layers together as you sew the other layers together.

To make the bib:

Print the pattern on pages 21-31. Create the bib using batting in between 2 layers of fabric or by using a bath towel as a backing (we’ve used a beautiful fluffy new towel that cost just $6.99 in KMart).

If using batting, stitch some decorative stitches down the bib to keep the 3 layers together (otherwise the batting may come away from the sides during washing).

To fasten the tie:

If you used towelling to back the bib, use a press-stud to fasten the neck tie.

Otherwise you can use an 8cm piece of velcro strap, with the hook on the bib side, and the loop on the neck-tie.

Logo & pocket options

Embroider the logo

Download the Tea-Cup Cottage logo embroidery file (ZIP, 45KB). Use Hemingworth thread in Misty Blue (or a very close thread colour like Summer Sky, Iceberg Blue or Frosty Blue) and embroider the Tea-Cup Cottage logo file onto the ‘pelican-bib’ pocket (we’ve placed it  toward the bottom left, if you’re facing the bib).


Send your completed bags into Tea-Cup Cottage. Be sure to include your name, postal address and contact details with your donation.

Alexandra Shaw
Tea-Cup Cottage
17 Honeygem Place
Birkdale QLD 4159


Drop your bibs into your local Echidna store and we’ll send them on to Tea-Cup Cottage.


The Boomerang Bags Sewalong will run from 1–31 March, 2018.


We’ll be giving away a number of Universal Magazine prizes later in the year. To enter, simply take a photo of your finished project and post it to our Echidna Sewing facebook community! We’ll also be giving away a number of prizes at random throughout the year, and your Sewalong project is eligible for one of these prizes no matter which month it’s sent in.


Sewalongs are a great way to get inspired by what everyone creates, while giving to a worthy cause. If you’re new to sewing and embroidery this is a great chance to get involved and have fun no matter what the outcome. Any excuse to put your sewing and embroidery machines to good use is a great one.


If you have your own sewing/embroidery blog you can save the following badges and post it on your blog entry, linking back to this page.


2 thoughts on “March charity sewalong

  1. Suzanne Hancock says:

    I’m not able to download the logo for Tea Cup Cottage. The link isn’t working. I downloaded the pattern without any problems.


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