October Charity Sewalong

Melbourne Basket Brigade (AU)

Melbourne-Basket-Brigaude.jpgThe Melbourne Basket Brigade is a small but dedicated force of local volunteers who want to make a difference to those in need. Last year they packed and delivered over 235 baskets, which fed approximately 2,500 people across Victoria.

They are asking for our help to create strong, sturdy, Christmas themed bags. These bags will hold toys, groceries and other personal items for those in need, making their Christmas one to remember.

Thanks to Lindee Goodall, you can also decorate these bags with a Christmas Tree embroidery design from her Tis the Season embroidery design pack.

Foster Hope (NZ)

This month you can also support a New Zealand based charity. Foster Hope bring hope to the more than 5,000 children in foster care through their foster packs and other activities. The packs are filled with comforting and practical items and given to foster children to let them know someone cares and to symbolise community support.


  1. Download the free Craftsy Drawstring Bag Pattern
    • Cut out your bag to be 80cm (h) x 50cm (w). Please use thick fabric for the bag such as canvas, linen, cloth or denim. If using lighter fabric, please line the inside.
    • There is also the option to decorate your bag in Christmas themed fabric or with a Christmas themed embroidery design.



If you’re wanting to add some embroidery to your bag to give it a bit of extra Christmas pizazz, Lindee has kindly donated this bright Christmas embroidery design, which is free to download!


This design is part of the Tis the Season embroidery design pack, available for only $39.95.



Melbourne Basket Brigade

To send in your donation to assist the Melbourne Basket Brigade:

  • Drop it off at any of our Echidna locations
  • Mail it to either:
    • Queensland
      Echidna Sewalong
      Alex Fitzgerald
      Unit 19, Level 3, 4 Kyabra Street
      Newstead QLD 4006
    • Melbourne
      Echidna Sewalong
      Alex Fitzgerald

      PO BOX 5186
      South Melbourne VIC 3205

Foster Hope

To send your donation to Foster Hope:


These Sewalongs are a great way to get inspired by what everyone creates, while giving to a worthy cause. If you’re new to sewing or embroidering then don’t despair, this is a great chance for you to get involved and have fun no matter what the outcome. Any excuse to put your sewing and embroidery machines to good use is a great one.


Since we are featuring a new charity each month, the October Sewalong will run from 1–31 October, 2017. You can view the full list of Charity Projects online.


We will also be giving away a number of Universal Magazine prizes, which will be drawn on Monday 6 November 2017. However, we will also give away a number of prizes at random throughout the year, and your Sewalong project is able to be submitted for a chance, no matter which month it’s sent in.

To enter, simply take a photo of your finished project, then post it to our Echidna Facebook Community or email it to digital@echidnasewing.com.au.


If you have your own sewing/embroidery blog you can save the following badges and post it on your blog entry, linking back to this page.



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