Why join a sewalong?

As part of a new initiative this year, Echidna Sewing has created a monthly Sewalong to inspire and encourage customers to get creative and make use of their amazing sewing and embroidery skills.

Joining a sewalong enables you to do the following:

  • Use your sewing and/or embroidery machine more than you might otherwise
  • Follow a project brief and create something unique
  • Use up any unwanted scrap material
  • Gain inspiration from others – discover new sewing patterns, embroidery designs, colours styles, fabrics uses and much more!
  • Learn new skills and techniques that you normally wouldn’t challenge yourself with
  • Show off your finished project, gaining encouragement from others, and giving others the same.


What is the purpose of doing these monthly Sewalongs for various charities?

Each month we contact a different charity and find out if there are any products they desperately need for it’s members, or that they can use at an event or a fundraising auction. Therefore, each Sewalong is tailor-made to ensure that anything being donated will go directly to someone in need or help towards funding their cause.


“I want to donate to a specific charity but I’ve missed that Sewalong month or won’t have it made in time!”

There may be some charities that have touched you personally, and regardless of what month it was featured, you want to get involved. All of our Sewalongs have been tailor-made for each charity and that means that there is no deadline for your donations. Each Sewalong project includes the delivery address for where you need to send your items, so you are able to do this at any time of the year. Otherwise, you can drop off your items to any of our four Echidna store locations and we will send it in for you.

Do I have to donate my finished project?

The answer to this is no. The aim of these Sewalongs is to inspire people to get involved, learn new skills and techniques, enjoy your sewing experience and hopefully come out with a new project that you never even thought of creating before.

If you end up with a project that you don’t need and would like to post to the charity or drop off to us then wonderful, we will happily gift your item to the charity in need.

However, there are many reasons why someone wouldn’t be able to donate their finished product. This can include, but is not limited to, the costs of shipping your item, wanting to give your items to a friend or family member instead, not wanting to put stress on the deadline of finishing your project, etc. It’s okay, you don’t need an excuse and we still encourage you to share your project on our Echidna Sewing and Facebook community to inspire others.

Echidna Sewing and Embroidery Facebook Community

If you would like to post your finished projects to the Echidna Sewing and Facebook community you are helping its members in a numbers of ways:

  • Providing inspiration and ideas
  • Showcasing new patterns that some customers hadn’t seen before
  • Giving reviews on how it was made and how you rectified any issues that may have popped up
  • Showcasing your take on a brief and the different ways it can be interpreted
  • Showcasing what you can make on the type of machine you have

Plus, for those who would like to get involved in our Sewalongs, we have a number of monthly prizes to give away!

Suggest a charity for our monthly Sewalong

If you know of a charity that desperately needs something donated in the way of hand-made items, you can let us know by filling in the online form at the bottom of the Sewing for Charity page. We will contact the charity and schedule it in when we can.

Your Donations

We have been completely blown away by the amount of hand-made items that have been sent in so far. Not to mention the phone calls we have received by the charity themselves thanking us for thinking of them and highlighting their cause. Without your help in these Sewalongs it would absolutely not have been the success that it has been.


Koala Kids Foundation

“The donations that we have been receiving are all divine and the volunteers have really enjoyed opening the parcels and putting each item into the children’s Happy bags. Thanking you again for the fabulous February promotion of Koala Kids Foundation we can’t wait to pass them onto our children.”

Life’s Little Treasures

“To the amazing Echidna Sewing and Embroidery community. Life’s Little Treasures Foundation would like to send through a huge thank you for all the gorgeous Easter creations that have been sent through as part of the March Sewalong project.

We have been truly overwhelmed by the beautiful work and detail that has gone into these Easter gifts and we can’t wait to pass them onto our precious families in hospital over Easter.”

Royal Flying Doctor Service

“I just received a box of quilts and they are amazing, thank you so much! We are planning to auction them off at our Gala Ball and I’ll also take some out to the Big Red Bash in Birdsville. Loving everything that’s coming through, we’re thrilled to have been thought of for this sewalong.”

More information

If you would like to learn more about the charities that we have featured so far, please take a look at the Sewing for Charity page on our website. For any questions please give us a call on 1800 000 360 or email erin@echidnasewing.com.au.

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