Pressing Matters – A Couturier’s Secrets to Success

Ironing-Pressing-Station.jpgby Martyn Smith

Having a variety of pressing equipment offers a sewer or crafter more versatility during the making of a project. Many sewers were taught to “press as you sew” but the reality of moving from the machine to the iron can seem like much bother when dealing with annoying little tasks.

Having a mini pressing station set up next to the machine allows the stitcher to “do the right thing” without moving from the work station. Quilters often have a flat work surface beside the machine to press seams while piecing, and both garment makers and embroiderers should consider this as well.

An easy solution to your pressing needs could be:

The Echidna Silicone Rubber Embroidery/Pressing Mat is ideal as a hooping surface to prevent movement during hooping. Its heat resistance also makes it a perfect ironing surface. It won’t melt if the iron is left face down on the surface for short periods of time during the preparation of fabric.

Under-pressing while sewing (the method of pressing seams as you construct) makes the finished item easier and quicker to press once completed. The mini 20cm x 20cm mat is also ideal to place an embroidery hoop onto while trimming away or applying appliqué fabric or giving a quick press to flatten a seam during the embroidery process.

Ironing and Pressing Products

We have a wide range of product to help you setup the perfect ironing and pressing station. For more information please visit our website or call us on 1800 000 360.

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