Kids or Pet Applique Pillows

Create these cute, fun and easy pillows for your child or pet! They come in either dog, fox or bunny and take very little time to make.  Plus, if you’re an embroiderer check out this free bunny embroidery design to match the bunny pillow.



When printing unselect ‘print to scale’. Use the test square to check the correct sizing.

Materials Needed

  • 110cm x 90cm fleece for the pillow. The final pillow size is approximately 50cm x 40cm
  • Mixture of felt or fleece colours for the face
  • Stuffing or bean bag fill (you can buy this in a large bag)
  • Thread colours to match the felt fabric
  • Hot Melt Web

How to create

Use the steps below or download the instructions below.

Cut out the Pattern

  1. Cut out the pillow pattern following the colour recommendations.
  2. Cut out the face pattern pieces in the Echidna Iron-on Hot Melt Web.
  3. Iron on the Hot Melt Web to the wrong side of your face pieces.Iron on applique paper


  1. Layout your face pieces onto the front of the pillow for the layout.
  2. You need to iron on all of the face pieces that go underneath first.  (As shown below I have left the bone until last but first used it to get the right position for the pink cheeks. Don’t iron on the bone just yet.)Dog Face Layout


  1. Use a zig-zag stitch stitch on each applique piece in the thread colour that matches the felt/fleece colour. It’s always good to do a test the stitch on a scrap piece of material before sewing to ensure that you have the right stitch length and size.Stitching
  2. Once all of the applique has been stitched on, iron-on the top pieces (such as the bone) to be sewn second.Dog Applique
  3. Repeat zig-zag stitch until you have completed the face applique design.


  1. If the ears need applique repeat the applique steps (iron on the Echidna Hot Melt Web) and stitch onto the ear as shown in the pattern illustration.
  2. Turn ears so that the right sides are facing.
  3. Stitch around the outside of the ears leaving the inside edge open (shown in pattern).Dog Ears
  4. Cut the corner edges (making sure not to knick the stitching).
  5. Turn ear inside out.
  6. Line up and pin the ears onto the the front of the pillow.Pin the Ears
  7. Stitch ears onto the pillow 1/4 inch away from the edge of the fleece or closer.Stitch Dog Ears


  1. Place the back of the pillow to the front of the pillow (right sides facing each other)
  2. Pin the ears down to ensure they don’t get caught in the stitch line.
  3. Stitch around the pillow leaving a gap at the bottom (as shown on the pattern).Stitch outside pillow
  4. Cut the edges of the pillow (making sure not to knick the stitching).
  5. Turn the pillow inside out through the hole.Dog-Pillow-Front.jpg

Fill the Pillow

  1. Stuff the pillow using either bean bag fill or stuffing depending on what type of texture you want.
    Note: If you’re making it for a pet that is the eat and destroy kind, you can opt for a filling such as fleece blankets, towels, shirts, or pillows.
    Dog Stuffing
  2. Hand stitch the gap closed to finish your pillow.Pin and stitch the outside



Free Bunny Embroidery Design

Bunny Embroidery DesignStitching the animal pillows (shown above), inspired us to create this digitized Bunny for all those embroiderers out there!

It comes in 2 sizes to fit 100 mm x 100 mm or larger sewing fields. Great for Easter stitching and best of all they’re FREE, so be sure to download the multi-format zip file today.

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