Making the Most of Glow in the Dark Thread

softlight-glow-dark-700x700How Does it Work?

We’re all familiar with fluorescent dyes like those used in highlighter pens. These dyes look bright because they take in light of a variety of colours and then transmit it back as a single colour. For example, a green highlighter’s ink absorbs the white light which hits it and shines it all back as an intense green colour.

Glow in the dark products take this one step further. They use very clever chemicals which absorb and store the energy from light, then emit it steadily over minutes or even hours. The process has the catchy name of “Phosphorescence”. Usually the light given off is an eerie whitish green glow. Dyes can be added to create other colours, but they won’t be as bright as the whitish green.

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Hemingworth Spool & Cap System Projects

Thank you to everyone who came up with some very creative and handy projects using their empty Hemingworth spool and cap systems.

Winning Entry

Congratulations to Josie, who is the winner of the Hemingworth Pre-Packaged 15 Colour Box Set, worth $104! We thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful project using the Hemingworth Spool and Cap System. No doubt your guests were very impressed with their own uniquely designed placement setting.

Project by Josie
Used for table setting placements.

Runner Up Prizes

Congratulations to the following members for coming up with these unique project ideas. You have been selected to receive runner up prizes including a universal magazine, an Echidna embroidery design CD and a few extras.  We hope you enjoy!


Project by Maria
Children craft project

Project by Margaret
Cover created to provide protection for the PE Design 10 dongle.

Project by Rebeka
Used to create a snow globe with fairy lights inside.

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