NV950 Facebook Enthusiasts Group

If you’re looking for inspiration, ideas or support, a great way to expand your machine knowledge is by joining a Facebook group, such as the NV950 Enthusiast Australia. Plus, you’re getting involved in a sewing and embroidery community where you can interact with others who have the exact same interests as you. Some users will get involved to share their projects, knowledge or project techniques, while others join to ask questions or post concerns they might have, which in turn is a very rewarding experience for all.

If you haven’t yet considered joining a Facebook group or you would like to know more about what’s involved, here are a few questions we asked Ally, the NV950 Enthusiasts Group administrator.

Can you tell our readers about yourself and your Facebook community page?

I run mine and my husband’s small business whilst raising our two daughters (both under two and only 18 months apart!), as well as a small sewing and embroidery business of my own. I was bitten by the sewing bug when I was given a beautiful Mama Bear handmade gift when my first daughter was born.

A lot of group members either have an NV950 or are simply looking at getting their first embroidery machine. They are interested in seeing if this machine will suit them and their requirements. Of course we have members with other machines with various makes and models that still give and benefit from the ideas shared, experiences with various sewing and embroidery products, as well as basic troubleshooting.


There are even people who work in the embroidery business and are really helpful and generous with their time and knowledge. Others just enjoy making for friends and family, run their own market stall or sell online. The majority of our members seem to be those who have just purchased their first embroidery machine. A few members have the NV950 specifically to embroidery garments such as the embroidery buddies, or simply because it’s so compact and they use it to take to classes or with them on holidays.

Who do you think will benefit from joining your community group?

Anyone new to embroidery will benefit from joining our group, but primarily if they are looking for a machine to start on and are considering the NV950. We will happily answer any questions people have and endeavour to offer support after they have purchased the machine. It can be a very daunting experience branching out into embroidery, no matter if you’re new to sewing or have been doing it for years. In saying that, anyone else is welcome too! From a complete newbie sewer/embroiderer, to those who have been doing it for years!


Are there any restrictions?

The group is flowing nicely without restriction at the moment however, as the group grows, we will be ensuring that the main vibe within the group is to help and offer opinions on the NV950.

We do take copyright seriously and do not allow people to ‘share’ designs unless they are the owners of that design or if it’s via a link from the web, such as Etsy or eBay.

What types of content will they be expected to see when joining?

Blanket-ImageWe often have “I’m thinking of buying an NV950” subject for people considering their options. Members share their love for this machine, why they love it, the things they make and why it was the perfect machine choice for them.

A lot of our members regularly post what they have created with their NV950, both sewing and embroidery.

The trouble shooting posts are great, as they help everyone. The poster gets the help they need, while the helper gets to help someone else and brush up on their own knowledge. Anyone reading the posts also learns something as well, without having to ask the question themselves.

We also post offers such as embroidery thread or embroidery designs sales, which we think our readers will benefit from. Also, if people are unaware on where to find these deals it’s a quick reminder of the sale or deal without them having to go look for it.

What you would love to see more of on your Facebook Community page?

We always welcome people who are considering an NV950 to ask us as many questions as they need. Members who own this machine love to rave about how much they love it and why – it never gets old!

We also love to see what people are creating and not being restricted by the 4″ x 4″ (100mm x 100mm) hoop as much as they thought. This is usually the number  one concern on all perspective buyers minds.

We also encourage the troubleshooting posts, as they help everyone.

What types of files are available?

There are a few basic files in the file section of the page, but we are building on that as we grow and learning what out members require.

We do have the Echidna Stabiliser Guide for quick reference and a file with quick links to the NV950 YouTube videos.

What can users add to the community group?

They can encourage and inspire people to have a go, by simply sharing something they have made on the machine. Whether it’s hard or easy, sharing always helps others to think outside their comfort zone.

Why do you think it has been so successful?

I think it’s been such a hit because most of our members have one thing in common – they all own a NV950 Sewing and Embroidery machine. Members with the NV950 can ask for help and we can give specific machine help and support. When you’re new to embroidery, or have only just picked up the machine, that is a very valuable thing to have on hand. Screenshots of steps and links to Echidna videos and tutorials also help us achieve that.

Also, being on a level playing field with the same machine capabilities as the next person, it remains about enjoying this machine and not feeling overwhelmed. In addition, it’s nice not to be left behind by those who may have a larger hoop size or machine budget.

How to join the NV950 Enthusiast Facebook Group

For those looking to join this group please sign into Facebook and visit the Brother NV950 Enthusiasts Australia page. Select ‘join’ and someone from the group will accept your request. We all look forward to chatting with you online!

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