Can you make money from embroidery?

Persona PRS100by Gary Walker

The simple answer is yes! But it doesn’t mean you need to set up a business or even keep any records. Just earning a little extra pocket money to help pay for your embroidery addiction is reward in itself. It can be the difference between keeping your old machine or upgrading to the latest technology. They say money can’t buy happiness but it sure can get you more toys for your sewing room.

Charging for embroidery can also be a bit confronting for most people. What to charge? Did I do a good enough job? Should I really charge my family or friends? If you aren’t aiming for a profit then at the very least consider charging something to help cover your supplies or even the cost of your next machine service. Remember that if you are happy with the result then chances are the recipient will be over the moon.

When it comes to who to charge, our experience tells us that most people would prefer to pay something for your work and often feel very uncomfortable when it’s done for free. It is human nature to want to give something in exchange for your time and effort so take the opportunity.

Running a Home-Based Business

Persona PRS100There is no doubt that more and more people are looking for “work from home” opportunities and a home-based embroidery business is one of the best options available. Again, the secret is to not over-complicate the process. There is a good chance you already possess the core embroidery skills and just need a little guidance and support to get things started.

Embroidery is all around us and the number of everyday people and organizations who are looking for embroidery services is quite staggering. We have a mountain of information available on our website, including a huge list of embroiderable items that might surprise you. Plus, we’re always happy to offer help and support when needed.

More Information

Home-Business-EmbroideryTurn your Embroidery Hobby Into a Business

You may be surprised at just how much income you may be able to make from a little embroidery each week. At the very least, it’s a handy way to help fund your hobby and cover your out-of-pocket expenses.

Prepare to Market your Products and Services

Marketing, in brief, is a word that describes how you intend to present your products for sale in the market place. If you plan on starting your own embroidery business find out what steps you need to take to ensure you have done your market research.

Federal Budget 2015 – Instant Tax Deduction

If you have or want to establish a small home-based embroidery business, now could be the perfect time to invest in new machinery. The 2015 federal budget has made an announcement of a $20,000 instant tax deduction for small businesses.

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