Craftsy Easter Bunny Basket

Description:  Create this cute little Easter Bunny Basket for your children to fill up with Easter eggs this weekend! Best of all it’s quick, fun and very simple to make.
Pattern: Craftsy Easter Bunny Basket
Pattern Cost: Pattern is free when you sign up to Craftsy.
Skill Level: Beginner


Tips For Setting Up Your Pattern

I usually don’t like cutting straight out of my fabric, just in case I make a mistake. Therefore, a great tip is to cut out the pattern using the PDF instructions onto paper first. That way you have a reusable pattern if you would like to make it again.


Free Bunny Face Embroidery Design

We created a free 10cm x 10cm (4″ x 4″) bunny face embroidery design, making this project even easier for you to complete. Simply download the bunny face embroidery design (ZIP, 42kb) to match our version of this project.

Final Project Photos

What a perfect gift for your children to use this Easter Sunday!

Looking For More Easter Projects?

Vintage Easter Bunny Collection

Lindee Goodall has recently created this beautiful embroidery CD containing six richly detailed vintage Easter bunny designs as multi-color, as well as six in monochromatic. Minimum hoop size for smallest designs is 5×7″ (130 x 180mm).


An interesting idea for the kids would be to combine them with colouring pencils, crayons, ink, or even paint! View this collection on the Echidna online shop.


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