Staff Project – Embroidered Sports Bags

Brittany, our friendly customer service staff member also plays for the Brisbane South Logan Wildcats netball team competing in the Samsung QSNL (Queensland State Netball League) tier two program. This season the Wildcats needed some new embroidered sports bags and since Brittany works for Echidna Sewing, she took on the role completing these for her team.

About the project

The Wildcats embroidered logo was provided as a .pes file, therefore she didn’t need to digitize this herself. However, if you’re interested in digitizing your own designs (eg. company logos) there are many digitizing programs currently available at an affordable price, such as Embrilliance StitchArtist.


Choosing a Machine

Brittany chose to complete this project using the Brother PR1000e 10-needle embroidery-only machine, having worked on it in the past to create her Wildcats jerseys. Even with very limited experience using this machine she was able to load the design, hoop the bag and set up the required thread colours ready for embroidery. These bags required no stabilizing due to the thickness of the fabric, so once she had prepared the Wildcats logo on-screen she was ready to go.


She needed to complete 42 bags in total, with a running time of 42 minutes each design.

“It was so easy. I was able to hoop each bag, get the machine running and then walk back to my desk and continue my work. I actually kept forgetting about them and when I would go back to check it would already be finished, so then basically all I had to do was load the next one!” Brittany said, amazed at how simply it was to use the Brother PR1000e embroidery machine.

It took approximately four days to complete the project because it wasn’t her main focus, simply loading a bag each time she took a break or remembered to check on them. Within a week all 42 bags were completed and ready to be passed out to the Wildcats team members for their next game.

This just goes to show that you don’t have to be an expert embroiderer to be using a machine such as the Brother PR1000e Entreprenuer Pro. Plus, using this machine actually allowed her to carry on with her normal day-to-day activities with minimum effort required to get them completed.

If you’ve ever thought of running your own home-based embroidery business this is a great example of a typical embroidery job, which could provide a healthy profit. Learn more about turning your embroidery hobby into a business.

2 thoughts on “Staff Project – Embroidered Sports Bags

  1. Trish says:

    I found your information on turning your hobby into a business very interesting. I do digitizing and embroidery for others but never sure what to charge.Thank you for the information


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