Embroidery or Quilting?

Now you can have both!

At last a free arm embroidery machine that doubles as a free motion quilter, wow!

Check out the Persona PRS100 free arm embroidery and quilting machine
With the pedigree of the class leading Brother PR series, the Persona PRS100 sets a new benchmark for versatility, quality and performance for a single needle machine. Embroider the most difficult items with ease, like babies wear, bags, sleeves and even pockets using the unique features of free arm embroidery. Then in the flash of an eye, convert the Persona to a fully functional free motion quilting machine with the optional free motion quilting kit.

Stitch quality you’ve been dreaming of
There’s less frustration as the unique rotating tension system on the PRS100 guarantees the very best stitch quality available, with less thread breaks and even better performance on metallic threads.

Brother’s first single needle embroidery machine with free arm embroidery.

If you have ever aspired to owning a Brother PR series embroidery machine, then the new Persona PRS100 is for you.

Just like its big siblings, the PR655 and the PR1000, the PRS100 opens a whole new world of creative embroidery freedom that anyone can master. It’s got many of the same class-leading features in a simpler, more compact machine.

Projects that were simply too hard or complex on a standard home embroidery machine will spring to life with the innovative tubular design of the all new Brother PRS100.

Persona PRS100 Features

  • Unique versatility with tubular free arm configuration – ideal for embroidering hard to reach areas such as caps, small t-shirts and sleeves.
  • Small 45cm wide footprint, which is less than a standard flatbed embroidery machine.
  • New exclusive compact mini frames, ranging in sizes from 30mm x 45mm (1.25” x 1.75”) to 50mm x 50mm (2” x 2”)
  • Large 200mm x 200mm (8” x 8”) embroidery area, includes 20cm x 20cm (8” x 8”) and 10cm x 10cm (4” x 4”) embroidery frames
  • Easy access so you can change the bobbin without removing your hoop
  • Color sort editing so you can easily cut down on thread changes
  • Multiple-line text input and alignment
  • Easy thread colour changes
  • Droplight™ LED Embroidery Positioning Marker, so you can see the needle drop position
  • Large 7″ LCD touch screen display
  • 405 built-in designs

Compact Mini Frames

Brother have created an exclusive set of embroidery frames included only with the Persona PRS100. Embroidery hard to reach places that proved to be difficult on other machines with ease. No more risks of tangling those small items such as children’s garments, pockets, legs, socks, bags and caps!

Four compact frame sizes are included, ranging in size from 38mm x 43mm (1.5” x 1.75”) to 50mm x 50mm (2” x 2”). You won’t find these with any of our other machines!


For more information about this exciting new advancement in embroidery and quilting, visit one of our stores, call our head office on 1800 000 360 or visit our Persona PRS100 page.

Persona PRS100 Videos

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