Beginner Sewing – Get Your Apron On!


Part 1 – Why am I sewing an apron?

This apron is made from an ungathered square of fabric with contrasting ties, trim and pocket.

  • It’s easy. All you need is fabric, a ruler, a pencil, fabric scissors and a sewing machine.
  • It’s practical. Forget about the damp kitchen towel lost behind the pots. Save your clothes from stains and strange dark blobs.
  • It’s individual. Choose your fabrics with abandon. Make it yours.

What will I learn?

A simple apron requires overcasting, seaming, hemming and topstitching. All the pieces have square corners so it’s just straight sewing.

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Embroidery in fashion

See how embroidery has taken to the street of New York, London and Paris fashion weeks with these interesting and outrageous designs. That extra touch of embroidery really takes these garments to the next level giving them both character and style.

All imagery is credited to Style Du Monde.

There are a number of Brother Embroidery machines on the market today that can easily and accurately create beautiful embroidery designs for small or large area’s of clothing. If you’re serious about fashion, why not give us a call on 1800 00 360 to find out how you can customize or refashion your garments in the comfort of your own home.

Embroidery Buddy Plush Toys

Soft and cuddly embroiderable stuffed toys which are designed and manufactured to Australian toy safety standards.

Whether they are a gift for yourself or someone else a quality stuffed animal that can be personalised is much more likely to be a friend for life, than a generic stuffed animal that anyone can own.

Each 16” (40cm) Embroider Buddy™ is created using the finest finishes, best quality zippers, softest materials and embroidered eyes. The skins and pods (stuffing) are machine washable and can both go in the dryer. Plus, the simple innovative design makes embroidery as easy as 1-2-3!

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Embroidery or Quilting?

Now you can have both!

At last a free arm embroidery machine that doubles as a free motion quilter, wow!

Check out the Persona PRS100 free arm embroidery and quilting machine
With the pedigree of the class leading Brother PR series, the Persona PRS100 sets a new benchmark for versatility, quality and performance for a single needle machine. Embroider the most difficult items with ease, like babies wear, bags, sleeves and even pockets using the unique features of free arm embroidery. Then in the flash of an eye, convert the Persona to a fully functional free motion quilting machine with the optional free motion quilting kit.

Stitch quality you’ve been dreaming of
There’s less frustration as the unique rotating tension system on the PRS100 guarantees the very best stitch quality available, with less thread breaks and even better performance on metallic threads.

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Echidna P.I.E

The Premium Inspirational and Educational Lesson Binder

Cover-Page-BinderThis educational material provides a valuable resource which is suitable for machine embroiderers of all levels. Echidna P.I.E. Educational Binder covers 12 months worth of Premium Inspiration and Education and was originally released during the 2014-2015 Platinum Club year.

Written by industry expert Lindee Goodall, each month’s lesson focuses on a different embroidery technique and the related project is a great way to test out your new skills.

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Embroider Buddy – Let’s Talk Toy Safety

Our new range of Embroider Buddies have been a huge hit with hobbyists and small business owners alike. They are cute, easy to embroider, and kids love them.


We’ve had customers ask a couple of great questions:

  • Are the EBs safe for babies and small children?
  • And are business owners liable for the safety of products they sell?

The short answer to both questions is “yes”. The long answer gives us a chance to cover the important topic of toy safety. Stuffed toys might seem harmless, but can be deadly.

Toy Safety

In the United States (where much better statistics are kept than in Australia), over 190,000 children are injured by toys every year and sadly some cases end in fatalities (CPSC, 2013). To protect children worldwide, a number of design and manufacturing standards have been created. The most important standard for stuffed toys has the catchy name of ISO8124.

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