PE Design Plus

Can I turn a photo into an embroidery?

This is the single most popular question we have been asked since embroidery software first became available for the home market back in the mid 1990’s. The answer has always been, well, yes but not really that successfully. That is of course until Brother created their industry leading PE Design Photo Stitch software.

Now with the PE Design Plus version of this award winning software, high quality Photo Stitch results are within every ones reach and it is so much easier than you could imagine and better still, much more affordable than ever before.


The image above is an actual photo of a Photo Stitch sample which you can see in the Exhibitors Hall. It has 16 colours in total and about 180,000 stitches, measures 330mm x 250mm and was stitched on a PR1000 using the Jumbo Hoop and yes there is a split in the middle but you would never know unless you look very closely.

We have had non-sewers approach us at craft shows asking how much to create similar art pieces of their special loved ones, quite prepared to pay hundreds of dollars for the service. It’s that stunning but amazingly the original stitch file was automatically digitized in the PE Design Next with Photo Stitch ( The Next Version is needed to create files larger than 300mm x 200mm). Anyone can truly create amazing Photo Stitch embroideries.

PE Design Plus Overview – Video Playlist

This video is part of PE-DESIGN playlist. If you click on the top left corner navigation on the video player you can browse through the list of videos. Otherwise you can also view the youtube playlist.

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